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    Our solutions are developed entirely around your business process.
    Understanding how your business operates is crucial in designing the input, processing and output your new app.
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    Zoho's possibilities are virtually limitless. With over 1 Million users, Zoho is one of the biggest rising platforms in the world.
    Zoho Creator integrates well with many Zoho apps, Google Apps and more..
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At Webhuys - Web Solutions, our passion is to bring your business to the Cloud in the most efficient and optimal way using the Zoho platform. We do that by creating tailor made business applications using the innovative Zoho Creator tool. Our vision: Work Online, Work together, Work smart. Jolt-start your journey to the Cloud!

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Tailor made apps

Our solutions are always fit to your specific needs, both on the input and the output side. Apps are adjustable for web and mobile.

Excel-App Migration

From off-line Excel to the Cloud. Learn how we can migrate your Excel-app to a full-fledged web-app. 


Your business (sub)process is leading in the design of our app. We'll make sure that your app is more than just a tool.


Need pro-active alerts? Automatically send a scheduled report ? Update a record in another module ? Custom Workflows are the answer!

Zoho Platform

Zoho is an online software platform covering 40 distinct high quality business apps ranging from CRM, Mail, to Finance.
Zoho Creator is a low-code development tool with which enterprise grade applications can be built. 

Here are some of the benefits of building apps with Zoho Creator:


With a large variety of field input-types, report styles and HTML page options there are endless possibilities. Zoho Creator is the modern Excel when it comes to administration and collaboration.  It comes with a wide variety of building blocks which to quickly shape your app, but can be fined-tuned with Zoho's own programming code called Deluge. Apps created in Zoho Creator are all cloud-based, so there's no installation or setup required. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.


Zoho is meant to be flexible by nature. It's low code nature allows for quick setup and adaptation to any need.  Zoho's Creator's feature set itself is upgraded every few months, enabling even more possibilities. Can't get enough ? Next to Zoho Creator, Zoho offers 40+ different business applications including CRM, Mail, docs and Sign. Many of these apps integrate really well with Zoho Creator. With it's own coding language you can expand your app to enterprise-grade.

Easy to use

Zoho Creator offers a variety of ways to get your info displayed and processed. Traditional forms, kanban layouts, spreadsheet-like input screens are just the beginning. Data can be pre-filled, validated , pre-formatted while using to avoid mistakes. Enage your audience by sending automatic e-mail alerts or interactive dashboards containing your performance indicators. What's more: you can take your business with you, since any app created can be adjusted with ease to run on Android and/or Apple devices. 

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About WebHuys

WebHuys - Web Solutions is a young and energetic startup, founded in 2019. With a strong background in the IT industry, we always had the drive to reach a more variety of people.  Now more than ever, it's essential to utilize time and resources effectively. Our solutions are always aimed at increasing productivity through intuitive interfaces, single-entry of data and meaningful reporting. WebHuys has already realized over 15 different IT solutions for a wide variety of purposes like Quotation Modules, Crewing & Manning solutions, Warehouse Inventory Tracking. We work with the concept of 'starting simple' and know that beyond that change is a constant. We therefore apply an iterative development approach, similar to the SCRUM methodology. By prioritizing and categorizing the most important aspects of your needs, we keep a clear focus on the development cycle.

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Fast development
  • Business Process driven
  • Affordable Prices
  • Knowledge extending beyond Zoho Creator
  • Entry to one of the most advanced Software Suites in the world!
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